Toyota Prius Executive

Prius does not require any special introduction. It is the best-selling hybrid car in the world. It has two motors and one battery. The system arbitrarily decide which drive will be used in order to be achieved at the lower fuel consumption with decent overall performance.

Toyota Prius Executive – features

To achieve low average fuel consumption do not need to know the details of the technology that is under the sheet. It is important to follow the usual tips for economical driving and track information that Prius displayed across the screen in the center console. As you approach the Prius with the key in his pocket, as soon as your system is detected, the lights in the cabin include a greeting. Need to touch the lock and the car will unlock.

Toyota Prius Executive

Side windows are coated with a layer that prevents water retention, as well visibility when driving in the rain. The interior looks futuristic, and the entire car.The seats are extremely comfortable, the Executive package are leather, and make the cabin a pleasant smell. The Prius is sitting high, which contributes to the area of ​​the knee passengers. The price paid by the driver because the controller is lower in the cockpit of what is optimal. On long journeys position control contributes to fatigue in the shoulder.

Under the cover at the bottom of the center console there is a cup holder that’s just one of the details that characterize the Prius vehicle. While the car is off, the strongest impression in the cab leaves the central console that wraps around the driver and passenger. All controls audio and air conditioning, as well as the shift lever is very close to your right hand, which makes them extremely easy to use while driving.

The Prius is one of the few cars where air conditioning can control through the steering wheel.

Toyota Prius Executive

Touch Tracer system helps you to minimize turning a blind eye to the times when operating systems on the car. Every time you touch one of the buttons on the steering wheel, the instrument panel display and get information on what is about to use the function.

Field you want to press colored in orange.

Control over selecting which information about the ride or the energy monitor on the dashboard.Data on the amount of energy the battery, or on which the engine is operated at a given time are displayed on a small display on the instrument panel. If the system enter the information about the price of a liter of fuel, the end of the ride you can get information on how you drive the cost.
In addition to the chart that displays data on average fuel consumption during each 5-minute drive, the amount of regenerated energy, the Prius III is equipped with a kind of “econometrics” for hybrids.

Each symbol green toy cars on the graph represents 50w / h of electricity generated during driving.Data shows that they are very useful if you need to drive cost-effective because it speaks to exactly what extent using the drive. Some of this data can be displayed on the display in the center console, but they can be projected on the inside of the windshield.
This system is called the HUD (Head Up Display) and every Prius is equipped with it. The biggest advantage is that you do not have to drive over to look away from the road to keep you informed.

During the first few days of driving is not easy to digest all the information you get from Hibryd Sinergy Drive system, but once you understand the technology and when the habit, the advantage will become apparent. More expensive models are equipped Prius JBL audio device that plays a very pleasing sound quality. The display of the device is emitted and images captured by the camera for backing up.Interesting atmosphere in the cabin contributes to the sunroof that emits extra amount of light.The sunroof is only part of a very special roof which has integrated solar cells. Their role is not very glamorous, for all of you who expect that they will help move the Prius.

Thanks to the energy absorbed can cool the cabin Prius a few minutes before driving. This function can be activated remotely or from within the cabin.The atmosphere during night driving is completed discreet blue light from a diode placed in the panel in “heaven” cabin which is set to light the center console and the area around it. LED headlights excellent illumination of the road.LED headlights are standard on the Prius in Executive trim

Plastic used in the Prius is mostly recycled and even though it looks quite decent, it leaves an excellent impression when touch is not too resistant to scratches. Offer storage trifle is satisfactory. You have a choice of two tape front passenger seat, storage in the door between the front seats and under the center console. In the rear offer legroom is generous. Bearing in mind that the wheelbase 2.7 meters this information should not be surprising.Rear seat is split, and when down, leaving a completely flat cargo area. Edge of the trunk is almost flush with the tailgate opening and unloading easier to load bulky items.

Toyota Prius Executive

Also, under the trunk floor is another level where you can keep small things, and just below this level there is a spare wheel.When we talk about driving a Prius, it is necessary to change some driving habits in order to achieve low fuel consumption.Launching the Prius is one of the most memorable of the process in the auto industry. All you need is to press the brake and power button.Instead of the usual cranking a few tones will sound to confirm that the Prius is ready to ride. Short move the selector lever to activate the letter D hybrid. To release the brake, the Prius will leave in silence parking. Transitions from electric to gasoline powered gasoline or deactivate barely noticeable in the cabin and not the plug on the engine performance.Work Prius oversees a large number of sensors so that there is no universal rule that determines which drive is used in any situation, with the aim that the fuel used in the most efficient manner.If the temperature is low, the gasoline engine will do more than when outside 30 degrees. The engine must reach operating temperature, and catalyst. Heating the cabin also contributes more frequent activation of gasoline.

Spoiler on the tailgate may not mind driving back at night but fantastic cover the headlights of cars behind you. The numerical solutions, such as the separation of a coolant that will be heated by the heat from the exhaust system, contributes to the Prius after two minutes by heating the cabin, and that the engine quickly extinguished. Power from both engines is transferred through continuously variable transmission (CVT). This system is simpler than the conventional solutions with fins and clutches. In addition to requiring less maintenance, a small weight and dimensions and contributes to saving space and reducing vehicle weight.Another important characteristic is that the CVT petrol unit to work at a constant and optimal rpm, depending on the data as the accelerator pedal is depressed, or on how the driver wants to drive.

Due to the rapid increase in the high revs when hard acceleration, drivers of cars with manual transmission requires a period of adjustment to the Prius. The vast majority of drivers accustomed to speed follow the growth speed, and thus the noise in the cabin. In the Prius the process is reversed.

While driving a Prius tug caused complete failure of switch gears, and it’s one of our main parameters for the creation of the subjective feeling of speed. For this reason, and because of the silence in the cabin can drive faster than you planned if you do not use cruise control.

Driving at a steady speed without excessive jumping tachometer needle has always been a recipe for saving fuel.However, when you use every day Prius, not only during a short test drive in which you do by speed, you notice the absence of any type of noise in the cabin. The ride is fantastically comfortable, quiet and relaxing.

With a five-year general warranty and the hybrid Prius since owners do not have much to worry about. Because of all the described system, the cost of regular servicing Prius are among the lowest in the Toyota program, the cost of the Yaris.

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