Toyota i-Road

Toyota i-Road is a vehicle that is somewhere between a car and a motorcycle, and the driver and passenger sit one behind the other, not to each other. When it comes to developing new technology Toyota is a leader in the automotive industry. Toyota i-Road is something something unheard of before, and is intended for personal transportation in urban areas exclusively on electric drive.

Toyota i-Road

Toyota i-Road design

This three wheel concept is 2350 mm long, 850 mm wide and 1445 mm high and into its interior can accommodate two passengers. i-Road has autonomy of 30 km, and for charging of its battery requires three hours, through standard household outlet. However its wheelbase of 1,700 mm, allowing enough room for two adults. Turning circle of only 3 m, width which allows easy threading through the traffic jam, well isolated cab and a from is the guarantee of great personal mobility. Toyota i-Road is also possible to drive with a partially open-cockpit, when the weather conditions allow that.

Toyota i-Road

Toyota i-Road specs

This concept has zero emissions, fully electric drive system with a lithium-ion battery that provides the power of a strong pair of 2 kW electric motors mounted within the front wheels. The feeling is like riding on a motorcycle, but the driver does not need to take account of the balance, or goes down the leg to the ground at low speed and while standing. Completely intuitive, Active Lean technology holds the highest level stability, safety, comfort and driving pleasure in the new Toyota. This system contains the drive engine and gearbox mounted above the front suspension, linked through the shaft to the right and left front wheels. ECU calculates the required level of inclination vehicles based on the steering angle, gyro sensors and vehicle speed information.

Toyota i-Road interior

The system automatically moves the wheel up and down in opposite directions, allowing tilting corner to counter centrifugal forces when cornering. Offering a minimum turning radius of only 3.0 meters, the system also works when the PMV Toyota drives straight on the surface of the stair, when drive system automatically compensates for changes in the road surface to maintain the required level of ground vehicles. As they are not need specialized driving skills to drive this concept, Active Lean System offers a unique driving experience with all pleasure as driving motorcycles without the need to stabilize the vehicle driver when maneuvering at low speeds or when the vehicle is stationary.

Toyota i-Road

Toyota i-Road solution for traffic jams

Toyota i-Road Vehicle Personal Mobility concept will play a significant role in reducing congestion and air pollution in urban areas. With passengers who use public transport or any conventional private transport in urban areas and urban transport hub, it is expected that in the future they use the Toyota-in, the form of personal transportation in order to complete his journey and moved to the center of town. Its compact size, maneuverability, ease of parking, fast charge and availability in open or closed cab format, indicate that the new Toyota i-Road Personal Mobility Vehicle Concept become the ideal urban transport solution designed to reduce the huge traffic jams, and emit the least harmful exhaust gases, soot, and all without compromising individual freedom of movement.

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