Toyota GT86 Convertible canceled?

One of the models that would be welcomed on the road , Toyota GT86 with the roof open. Unfortunately, fans of sports cars , the Japanese company has not yet decided whether the concept of the Geneva Salon enter production . In March, it seemed that the reaction that came to the FT86 Concept Open encouraging enough for Toyota to offer its customers the production model . However , according to the information we obtained , model GT86 convertible has been postponed indefinitely.

Toyota GT 86 cabrio

Sources in Toyota circles tipped the GT86 Convertible ” hockey ” and that is not in the production plans of the company in 2014. even in 2015. year . Despite this, our source from Toyota said that it is still possible green light for a convertible , provided that the management of Toyota mind.

Toyota GT 86 interior

Toyota GT86 Convertible new concept

Rather than the production car , Toyota will the domestic auto show in Tokyo to introduce one more variant of the FT86 Concept Open . This time , the car will be shown in red , which suits him even better than the white copy from Geneva. The difference is in control , which is located on the right side , instead of the manual , this unit has an automatic transmission . Toyota concept is powered by the same 2.0 -liter atmospheric four-cylinder boxer engine that powers a model GT -86 , and which is capable of producing 200 hp and 205 Nm of torque.

Toyota GT 86 cabrio rear view

If we dare to read between the lines , the new concept could be a sign that Toyota did not give up a production version of GT 86 Convertible.

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