Tesla model E

Tesla has became a synonym for innovations and environmental-friendly vehicles. Their new model, Tesla model E, is being prepared as a surprise for all fans and followers. The car had two successful generations so far, and experts predict same for third. However, Tesla model E will come, probably in 2016 or 2017 as Tesla model III. As you already know, luxury class with Model S costs not so affordable. Surprisingly, new, Tesla E model, or Model III will cost almost by half comparing to popular S vehicle.

Tesla model E front view

Tesla model E range

The Tesla model E won’t top the class with range which could be reached with its powertrains. As far as we know, this environmental friendly vehicle won’t be good as the most popular Tesla model S. The Tesla model III will be way under 306 miles of range for Tesla S. From some leaked information, we found that New Model E could go around 200 miles without refill. This is still good result, but enthusiasts expected more from this car.

Tesla model E styling

Tesla model III or Model E will be competition to the BMW 3 series. Car will be smaller than popular S. Difference is in around 20 percent. However, Tesla model E won’t lack any of systems and features from other vehicles of the same company. Also, car could be available in few design appearances. We could see Tesla E model as SUV or a hatchback wagon. Is this true, we will see during 2016. However, these models will probably come out after regular body style. Few months difference is expected.

Tesla model E side view

Tesla E model price

Other Tesla models X and S will cost more than Tesla model III. We heard that new vehicle will be priced much under luxurious S car, some rumors telling even half of its price at $70.000, we assume Tesla model E will cost somewhere between $35.000 and $40.000 depending on trim levels and equipment. Car is expected in 2016, but it is still unknown will it be as 2016 or 2017 year model.

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