Smart Fourjoy concept

If you are wondering how the next generation of Smart models might look like , Fourjoy concept could bring an answer to many questions. This primarily refers to the generation of a long-awaited Forfour , in which the audience is waiting for since 2006 , and the owner Daimler believes that now the car will not be a competitor the Mercedes A-Class .

smart fourjoy concept - rear view

Smart Fourjoy concept – design

Smart Fourjoy concept continues a tradition that was started earlier concepts such as the For -us and Forstarts, in addition to the second generation Forfour similar lines can be expected in other models of the company, primarily Fortwo . This concept is usually developed in a joint collaboration with Renault , on whose platform will be manufactured replacement model Twingo . Although no doors , roof and trunk , Smart engineers say Fourjoy concept very similar to the final product that the public will have a chance at a larger saloon cars in Europe next year , before production starts in Slovenia. While the chassis is made ​​of metal , many parts of the car is made of strong plastic, but it is unlikely that such details could enter production , primarily for safety reasons.

Smart Fourjoy concept

Smart Fourjoy concept – interior

Perhaps the most interesting detail of this concept is its interior, done in the style of the future car interiors where they will be similar to today’s mobile phones , and similarly will probably use . The compact size will make this an ideal car for city driving , and large faults predecessor with the space will eventually be corrected.

smart fourjoy concept

Smart Fourjoy concept – engine

On the mechanical side , Fourjoy identical electric powered system that can be found in the Fortwo electric version , but it is still unknown what the range of this system will have , and whether the offer will and gasoline engines. However , it is known that the battery will take about seven hours to fully charge . Since its official launch at the end of the 1990s Smart failed to make a profit , and the situation will have to change soon if Daimler wants to continue investing money. Otherwise , given the company could be numbered .

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