Seat Ibiza Cupster

Every year on Vrbsko lake in Austria to gather fans Volkswagen vehicles. Each of the representatives of the VW group present at least one model. This year’s representative Seat is a model Cupster and the response has been so positive that the Spanish giant recently invited a certain group of journalists on a test drive in Barcelona. Seat is one of the major failure of the VW group. Spanish vehicle manufacturer has not managed to successfully fill the position between Skoda and Volkswagen, but hopes to return in the first six months of this year. Seat has managed to break into the Chinese market in particular is a popular model showed Leon, whose sales rose by as much as 62%.

Seat Ibiza Cupster

Seat Ibiza Cupster design

Seat currently no convertible offers a last hope was born in 2001 when he debuted Tango concept, but Volkswagen has never approved mass production with the explanation that the sale would not be large enough to record high profits. Seat Ibiza Cupster would be the first convertible in Seat offer if given the green light for production. Chief Designer of Seat Ibiza Cupster says he is basically a model Ibiza and then with it removed all what he did not like. Thus arose very appealing car that is sure to attract attention wherever he appeared. Cupster is identical Ibiza even at the height of the vehicle and of course most of the attention attracted to the lack of a roof. Slightly lower glass is made ​​in the streamlined style, but it caused another problem – security. In the event of a rollover driver and passengers would almost certainly have died because this model does not have a sturdy roof. This is certainly a very important detail with which the engineers of Seat have to deal with. Big changes suffered interior of model Seat Ibiza Cupster, which provides covered rear seats, which creates the impression that the two-seater comes while the rest is mostly identical to that of the production car.

Seat Ibiza Cupster

Seat Ibiza Cupster specs, release date

The drive unit for the Seat Ibiza Cupster is 1.4L TSI engine with 178 hp, while the transmission is a seven-speed DSG automatic transmission. In the end, the question is what are the chances for mass production. As we mentioned, the safety measures are a key issue, as well as the fact that the sale was certainly limited. Seat Ibiza openly admits that convertible is not planned in the present or the future generation, but the identical model platform to improve the image would certainly make sense.

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