Renault Fluence 2013

New Renault Fluence 2013 which appeared in showrooms around the world, is more robust, and more elegant than its predecessor. Ornamental front grille with a more modern, elongated the lights, and the logo “Renault” on a black background emphasize the new visual identity of the French company.

Renault Fluence 2013

Renault Fluence 2013 redesign

Although it looks “masculine” than before,  Renault Fluence 2013 kept “fluid”, elegant lines, which it at first glance, are much higher than what it is. With a length of 4,618 mm and a wheelbase of 2,702 mm, the Renault Fluence 2013 offers plenty of room for five adult passengers.

Renault Fluence 2013

It is in accordance with the request of the time, Renault Fluence 2013 crowded with various technologies that will make travel more comfortable and interesting.

There is a new “renault l-link” system – just touch the screen and access to all the “multimedia” content is now much easier and faster. You may call or to use the most modern navigation device. New audio system can be in a jiffy easy to connect with your “smartphones”, “ipodes” and other devices.

Renault Fluence 2013

All this is, of course, was designed so that the driver does not interfere with driving and that he is focused on the maximum time. “Renault” took care of it and you use cards for entry and starting the vehicle a “free hand”. Just that you have on hand, and the door will unlock when you come vehicle and the engine will start without having to put the card into the reader. When you move away from the vehicle, the doors automatically lock itself.

New Renault Fluence 2013 has the right living room on wheels. Spacious and comfortable cabin in size is among the largest in the class, just like the cargo space of 530 liters. Suspension and handling are at high level, a more comfortable ride and contributes electric parking brake, which is activated when stopping and deactivates when you press the accelerator. Brake can to manage manually – simply by pressing a button switch.

Thanks to this system, stopping on a hill and re-initiate the vehicles are very easy and simple as a straight section of the road.

Renault Fluence 2013 engine

Currently offers one petrol (1.6-liter, 110 hp) gasoline engine and a well-known diesel engine 1.5 dCi 90 and 110 hp is selectable automatic transmission. For those who want even more, there is a diesel engine of 1,598 cc with 130 hp and six-speed manual Transmission.
There are three trim levels – “the authenticity”, “expreshn” and “dynamic”.
According to the factory consumption, the new “fluence” is extremely economical. So gasoline on average consumes 6.8 liters per 100 kilometers, while diesel consumption is 4.4 to 4.6 liters per 100 km in “mixed mode”.

Renault Fluence 2013 price

Prices range from 13,190 euros for the version with petrol engine of 1.6 liters and 110 hp, with a package of equipment, “the authenticity”, to 19.290 euros for the version with the 1.6 DCi diesel engine with 130 hp and top equipment package “dynamics.”

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