Porsche 911 Singer

Many would say that buying a classic car in original condition is one of the worst investments you can do. No matter how a car was carefully guarded by the previous owner , it will however begin to show, and will require expensive repairs. However , if you’re a fan and want a classic Porsche 911 with modern mechanics , there is now a company called Singer Vehicle Design.

Porsche 911 Singer

Singer Vehicle Design

The company was founded in 2009 when Rob Dickinson  restored its classic 911 with the most advanced mechanics and received many positive reviews . Mentioned the Dickinson establishes Singer Vehicle Design and is the first product of the Pebble Beach rally in the U.S. state of California. His 911 was based on the original model , which was produced from 1963 to 1989 , out of which is reserved only shell. Then he started to list modification , ranging from lightweight materials  to I6 engine with 425 hp , made by the famous British tuning house Cosworth. Soon Dickinson was buried deals and Singer Vehicle Design has started to make a name for themselves . To begin with we note that Singer is not the car companies and all the products are pre-existing 911 models produced in the past. Most current models are based on the recent 964 chassis , which is produced from 1990 to 1994 , which was stronger and more modern technological possibilities . The complete manual is brand new and improved to the point that Singer 911 can compete with some of the best serial super cars of today.

Porsche 911 Singer

Porsche 911 Singer specs

Similar to the first prototype , Porsche 911 Singer is largely used carbon so that the total weight is only 1,193 kg . The Porsche 911 Singer Launches 3.8L I6 engine taken from a modern 911 GT3 996 generations, which develops 360 hp and 379 Nm of torque , thanks to the low weight of the acceleration to 100 km / h in just four seconds . The interior has retained all designer line predecessors , but with the latest materials that are of high quality. Although the classic 911 is significantly lower than more modern, there is enough space for the driver and passengers.

Porsche 911 Singer interior

On the road Porsche 911 Singer is acting as the latest 911, but owing to its retro design attracts attention wherever it appears.

Porsche 911 Singer price

With a starting price of 350,000 dollars (about 258,000 euros), this car definitely is not cheap, and the waiting list can be a up to a year. If you’re wondering why anyone would wait a year and eventually paid the kind of money instead of buying  restored 911, the answer is as follows. While some companies, including the Porsche Museum in Germany,  restored early 911, Singer goes a step further and not only  restored but also modifies cars by modern standards.

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