Nissan Sport Sedan

At the Detroit Motor Show this year, subject to a number of concept cars . Unlike many of them , which is not likely to move away from design studies , and will serve only as a basis for simplified serial model, Nissan claims that his Sports Sedan enter into production and to more or less unchanged.

Nissan Sport Sedan

Nissan Sport Sedan design

Nissan Sport Sedan concept is designed to comply with the new appearance models of the manufacturer. With the characteristic ” V” grille on the front of the stand is a typical day of LED lights in the shape of a boomerang and slightly bent hood . The Nissan Sport Sedan has low and elongated silhouette of a sports car , with a pronounced proširenjma the wheel arches to under settle the massive 21 -inch alloy wheels .

A special treat is the large panoramic roof with rear glass surface is visually unified whole.

Nissan Sport Sedan

Nissan Sport Sedan interior

The interior of Sport Sedan is designed to have the impression that you are in a premium-class car , with generous use of leather , which , in addition to the seats and steering wheel covered with dashboard and door trim parts.

Nissan Sport Sedan

Center console is dominated by a huge , futuristic screen multimedia system.

Nissan Sport Sedan engine

Under the hood is located 3.5 -liter V6 in the Nissan, which say they can deliver more than 300 hp . The engine is connected to a sport tuned Xtronic CVT transmission.

Unfortunately , Nissan has not announced more technical details and performance of a sports sedan, but the Executive Vice President , Andy Palmer , discovered that the Japanese manufacturer plans to translate the concept of the serial model.

Nissan Sport Sedan

“The plan is that the production model as little as possible apart from the concept that we showed in Detroit,” says Palmer .

It is assumed that the Sport Sedan serve as the basis for the next generation of Maxima , a major challenge will be transferred to the production version details like attractive panoramic roof , which will probably be available as an option on more expensive trims .

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