Mini Superleggera Vision concept

Vision Superleggera is the new concept of the British Mini, which was launched in Italy. Mini announces Superleggera Vision as a combination of Italian design with the British fleet characteristics and this model would need to do the top of the BMW division. Still do not know exactly how it will look like a serial model. It is expected that the offer is based on models with front-wheel drive and four-wheel, then both gasoline and diesel engines of three, four cylinder and according to some stories we can expect the electric model is based on the recently introduced BMW i3.

Mini Superleggera Vision concept

Mini Superleggera Vision concept – design

By tradition the last 10 years to design Mini models are in charge of the Italians. Many design houses are like Zagato, Pininfarina and Bertone had the opportunity to demonstrate their creativity. This time the choice fell on the Touring Superleggera in Milan and the goal was to make a car that will bring the same revolution as the original Mini 55 years ago. Lines on Mini Superleggera Vision concept were inspired by classic models of the British vehicle manufacturer. The interior is very attractive and quality and delivers a rich list of standard and optional equipment, which was expected from the product of BMW. It remains only to see that the details will be available in the serial model.

Mini Superleggera Vision concept

Mini Superleggera Vision concept – engine

In terms of drive unit for now there is no information but is expected to provide the same production model engines like Cooper, which means that it will offer based on the 1.5L I3 turbo engine with 136 hp and the 2.0L I4 with 192, and there is a 1.5 L I3 diesel with 116 hp. Expected to offer certainly be extended with sporty John Cooper Works version but about that for now there is no more information.

Mini Superleggera Vision concept

Mini Superleggera Vision concept – release date and price

It is expected that the production model to be introduced next year but on a larger European Motor Show while sales are now starting 2016 years. BMW has so far been quite successful with the Mini models and the Mini Superleggera Vision concept expected success.

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