Mini Paceman Adventure Concept

A group of young students from Munich presented a great idea for Adventure version of the Mini Paceman. British manufacturer Mini last year expanded its line with model Paceman, which is basically a coupe version of the Countryman. This model is designed for those who want a car with a higher dose of the sport’s image and more interior space than the standard Mini Cooper.

Mini Paceman Adventure Concept

Mini Paceman has brought several innovations, such as a sports suspension that allows the owner to adjust the vehicle height, but still with more than enough room interior. What are the options available company is best illustrated by Mini Adventure concept.

Mini Paceman Adventure Concept specs

The biggest change is in the Adventure Concept is in the trailer, which was obtained by the rear seats have been removed and the resulting space was converted into a small trailer. Although it is very small in size, yet provides enough space for all those who want to spend a few days in the countryside and at the same time they have the necessary equipment.

Mini Paceman Adventure Concept

Spare tire in Adventure Concept is now on the roof, and there are fog lights in the same location for better lighting. The chassis and suspension have been significantly modified for off-road and there are off-road tires, which Mini Paceman Adventure can overcome most of the light field. It is interesting that Adventure Concept painted in green color, which is a trademark of the British car manufacturer. For now, it is known that under the hood of  Mini Paceman Adventure Concept is 1.5L turbo engine with 192, and the power is transmitted to all four wheels via a six-speed manual transmission.

Mini Paceman Adventure Concept future

The company Mini is reached press that the Adventure just a concept  and that so far there is not a chance for a series of production.

Mini Paceman Adventure Concept

Mini what is wished to avoid the failure of one such model is the Clubvan, which was quenched after one year and only a 50 sold. However, it is interesting to see in which direction the Mini thinks so perhaps this concept one day  we see on the streets.

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