Mercedes S-class

Mercedes has just described his ambitions with the new “S-class” – the best or nothing. Since the new luxury sedan is certainly not nothing, it is most likely that the Germans make the best car in the class whose goal is just to raise standards in the segment. That makes the new Mercedes S-Class leading in the new systems and technology and luxurious amenities. The car is packed with all sorts of things, and one of the reasons for that is the intention to Mercedes S-Class fill the gap that was created ending production of luxury Maybach.

Mercedes S-class features

During the construction of the last “S” class Mercedes has set three priorities engineering “intelligent drive”, “efficient technology” and the “essence of luxury.”
The whole list of new equipment in “class” to fit into a small book, and some of the most important innovations of the system to prevent the collision, “Magic Vision Control” in recognition of the terrain ahead and adjust the suspension according to the information gathered in order to smooth driving and LED ambient lighting with seven optional colors.There are of course already known security features such as support systems in the lane, Distronik Plus, Brakes, which detects the movement of pedestrians, etc..

Here, we analyze how the new model differs from the previous generation S-class, which did not have to contain all the luxury of a Maybach.

Mercedes S-class

Although for Mercedes S-Class on the part of so-called “evolutionary design”, whose characteristics are that each new generation of a car adds style to the previous two models are quite different in appearance. Differences are present in proportions of body shapes, as well as details of the car.

Mercedes S-class

Looking at the new Mercedes S-Class from the hip, notes that the ridges on the wings around the point of losing extensions that had the previous version. Car because at first glance it does not look too forward, but no less impressive or inspiring.

With the new S-class doors are completely different profiled thanks to two lateral lines Mecedes introduced into the design of the latest generation of its cars.

Mercedes S-classs klasa

The left image shows  the new Mercedes S-class, and on the right is the previous model

Grille is noticeably larger and more prominent, while the headlights are designed to be a much better fit in the composition of the bumper, grille and openings for air.

It is similar to the last part of the car. Lines composition tailgate with rear wings are smooth and almost inconspicuous. Stop lights are rounded and nicely blended into the final contour.

The two models are very different in the interior, although the basic concept of the position of instruments and controls is similar, such as the central screen multimedia system, or row of buttons below the central vents.

However, from the steering wheel, to complete digitization of the dashboard and form holes for ventilation, and to form the center console again, everything is new and different in the new S-class.

Abundant use of materials from wood has not missed a new generation, but it seems that the wood better incorporated into the whole ambience of the interior than was the case previously.

Mercedes S-class

The left image shows the interior of the new Mercedes S-class, and on the right is the cabin of the previous model

LED technology in the new Mercedes S-Class is far more present than before, which can be seen both in the cabin and on the exterior of the car. The German manufacturer is proud to be completely abandoned conventional headlights and the new S-class cabin only has 300 LED bulbs.

Mercedes S-class price

Prices of some Mercedes S-class models have already appeared for the German market:

“S350 Bluetec” 79,789.50 euros
“S400 Hybrid” 85,204.00 euros
“S500, 455KS,” 104,601.00 euros

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