Lexus LF-NX concept

Meet a concept that could one day become a global best-selling Lexus model . Lexus LF- NX concept should be a smaller model compared with the RX, which was for years the best-selling Lexus model in the USA , and the goal is to connect sports lines for off-road capability to the extent to which the Range Rover Evoque created with popular very.

Lexus LF-NX concept

Lexus LF-NX concept

European competition could also be an Audi Q5 and BMW X3, and the question is whether Toyota’s premium division plans SUV or crossover still common for street use. However , Lexus engineers say LF- NX design is a combination of many ideas and it is not yet decided to production model might look like, but judging by the latest product of the company can be expected from the similar lines of the GS and LS.

lexus fl nx concept

A similar conclusion can be made at the expense of the interior, which is designed in a distinctive Lexus style, with top quality materials , and with a lot of ideas merged into one which is impossible to say that the final product would look like.

Lexus LF-NX concept – engine

On the mechanical side , LF- NX shares a platform with the CT200h hybrid so she made ​​this crossover as a hybrid . Under the hood lies a 1.8L petrol engine, which develops 134 hp, thanks to the electric motor total power increased to 200 hp . LF- NX was presented at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show , where it attracted a lot of attention , especially when we know that Europe is a key market for the Japanese giant.

Lexus LF-NX concept

Lexus LF-NX concept – release date and price

From serial model is the biggest part still expect the U.S. market, where Lexus has long been known as a top-selling premium company, but last year lost the place of Mercedes and BMW due to bad weather in Japan a few years ago , which are largely stopped the sale. In any case, the production model should debut sometime next year, while sales started in 2015 with a starting price of around $ 40,000 (around 30,500 euros).

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