Kia Niro concept

Although often criticized for being one of the ugliest cars of today , the Nissan Juke still leaves a substantial impression on the market.

kia niro concept

Not only was last year sold over 100,000 copies around the world, but also other companies started to copy a similar style that attracts attention wherever it appears. After Cherokeea new Jeep and Kia joined in the fight Niro presenting the concept at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show . Korean automaker announced Niro as a concept in the B-segment in order to thrill riders with style, economy and practicality . Niro was designed in Kia’s European design center in Germany, and chief designer Gregory Guillaume says that it is designed for the total European customers, which could be transferred to the rest of the world .

Kia Niro concept rear view

Kia Niro concept – design

At first glance you may notice many lines with Kia popular models, including Tiger Nose Mask ( now seen on all the new models of the company ) and the back of the combination of design lines with two models, the Sportage crossover and Rio hatchback. This Kia Niro concept also provides a combination of two colors , and even though most of the cars in black , can be detected and yellow lines for attractive design.

Kia Niro concept interior

Kia Niro concept – interior

The interior is done in a similar style and also copied from other Kia models, but the most interesting detail of the seats , which are joined together with a central panel . Although this detail will not make its debut at the production model , it is interesting to see how some car companies see the future of the auto industry .

Kia Niro concept

Kia Niro concept – Engine

On the mechanical side of Korean giant has not released details, but it is assumed that Niro shares a platform with Rio , and the 1.6L I4 engine with 138 hp . In any case, the production model could make his debut in the near future , mainly in the European market , where the market is similar large vehicles . On the other hand, the chances are slim to Niro could occur in North America where , with the exception of the aforementioned Juke , the market for similar vehicles does not exist.

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