Honda S660

Honda Beat is one of the most important cars in the long history of the Japanese car manufacturer. Although he survived in sales just five years at the beginning of the 1990s , the combination of rear traction , engine mounted in the middle and data that it was the first sports kei car (a class which was later made ​​popular Suzuki Cappuccino and Mazda Autozam AZ- 1) have played major role. However, the more important fact is that it was the last car that Soichiro Honda personally approved a few months before his death in 1991, as well as the design ensured the legendary Pininfarina. At this year’s Tokyo Motor Show , Honda S660 comes with the concept that the spiritual successor to the legendary S600 sports car from the early years of the 1960s and into the market in the next few years to emerge as a new generation of Beata.

 Honda S660

Honda S660 engine

As its name suggests , Honda S660 runs a tiny 660cc engine , together with a very low footprint, meaning it will belong to the Kei class in the domestic market . According to the laws of Japan , Kei car must be smaller than the length of 3.4 meters and a width of from 1:49 meters, and also needs to have no greater than 660cc engine . According to early information , the above 660cc engine has three cylinders and with the help of Turbo develops about 64 hp and 104 Nm of torque , with a mechanical hand it is known that the standard model that provides equal weight -arranged as a seven-speed CVT transmission with paddles for Manual gear changes . This engine will be available only in the Japanese market , and the early stories say that if production is approved for other markets in the offer could be found and the 1.0L turbo engine with over 100 hp.

 Honda S660

Honda S660 design

From the design of Honda S660 offers distinctive lines that we already have seen in other models of the company. Designer Ryo Sugiura says it is used to flush some of their favorite cars , such as Ferrari Dino 246 and Alfa Romeo Tipo 33.

 Honda S660

Honda S660 release date

In the end, we note that when the Honda S660 goes on sale for two years in question will be one of three new Honda’s car with a centrally mounted engine, the next-generation NSX supercar as a competitor twins Toyota / Scion and Subaru BRZ GT86/FR-S .

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