Holman Moody Ford Mustang

Lovers of Holman Moody Ford’s name a lot. This legendary team was established in 1957 by two fans of motor sport, John Holman and Ralph Moody, after proving mostly for beginner off-road competitions, Holman Moody gets a contract with Ford to produce cars for NASCAR in the early 1960s. This move proved to be so popular that during the 1960s and early 1970s Holman Moody produced nearly all Ford cars for competition in NASCAR, Rally, Le Mans, Indy and numerous competitions sports cars. Mustang is just as big a legend Ford, a few people know, especially in North America, has just Holman Moody gave the Mustang its first victory and on European soil. In fact, in 1964 the famous British team of Alan Mann Racing addressed Holman Moody to prepare the Mustangs for three 6,500 kilometers long race, which was driven for ten days in France.

ford mustang holman moody

Competing against the significantly more expensive Jaguar Mk II, the Mustang finally took the top two spots, and the series win was followed to this day. At last year’s saloon car in Las Vegas, Holman Moody presented his version of the modern Mustang with a view to next year marked 50 years since the first victory, and the total will be produced only 500 copies.

Holman Moody Ford Mustang design

From the design, Holman Moody Mustang offers all the features and legendary predecessor. It is, first of all, to gold  19-inch wheels and racing trkage in the same color, with the exception of a few Holman Moody label sheet design modification ends there. The changes were much less in terms of interior design, which has a new lever transmission, and since it was one of the better equipped Mustang, Holman Moody did not see a reason for major changes.

Holman Moody Ford Mustang engine

List of mechanical modification is significantly higher and it starts with 5.0L V8 engine from the legendary Boss 302, which develops 444 hp and 515 Nm of torque and the power is transferred to the rear wheels via a six-speed manual transmission.

ford mustang holman moody

Holman Moody Ford Mustang price

In collaboration with Ford Racing, Holman Moody is fully modified suspension and brakes to remove the slightest blemish, and this model is one of the last original retro Mustang to the track before the all-new model debuted in 2015. With a starting price of $ 53.171, Holman Moody Ford Mustang is certainly not cheap, but with this model comes great exclusivity to be paid. Although Holman Moody is no longer a racing team (John Holman died in 1975, and Ralph Moody 29 years later), this legendary team has re-established a few years ago with the aim of producing a replica model of the legendary racing history. Holman Moody Mustang showed us just part of what yet to come.

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