Ford Focus ST-H

If you want to rent some of the more powerful cars to drive to your favorite track over the weekend , the house offers a long Hertz offer. Especially if you live in North America where you can get some of the cars from ” Adrenaline Collection” package deals , such as the Ford Mustang , Chevrolet Camaro and Corvette and Dodge Challenger , and the offer was recently expanded with the ” Dream ” equipment package that includes and various Porsche and Mercedes AMG models . However , throughout history some auto companies produce cars specifically for Hertz . It is particularly noted that Ford ‘s , in 1966 , introduced the GT-H (Hertz ) version of the popular Mustang in collaboration with the legendary Carroll Shelby , a similar model is presented in a modern version of a few years ago . Earlier this year, Hertz is contacted Penske , the famous NASCAR team after years of collaboration with Chrysler returned to Ford, in order to make a few special versions of the Mustang.

Ford Focus ST-H

Ford Focus ST-H specs

However , the situation was much calmer , at least so far , in the European market where the car rental company had its own special products , but that will change starting in 2014 when it debuts Ford Focus ST-H and only on the market Netherlands. Based on the popular hot Hache ST-H is mechanically identical to each other and the Focus ST is powered by a 2.0L EcoBoost ( twin – turbo ) I4 engine that develops 252 hp and 366 Nm of torque , while the power is transferred to the front wheels via a six- speed manual transmission . That should be enough to accelerate to 100 km / h in 6.5 seconds (according to some tests, it amounts to 5.9 seconds ), while top speed is limited to 250 km / h .

Ford Focus ST-H interior

Design changes of Ford Focus ST-H are related to the traditional black with gold racing stripes and 18 – inch rims also in a golden color while the interior received a black leather Recaro seats and Ford’s Sync system , which commands the complete electronics of the car.

Ford Focus ST-H

But the waiting list for rental is quite long as Hertz currently has only three copies of Ford Focus ST-H. If you want to rent one of them for a weekend ride , be prepared for a long wait and open your wallet . The rental for a day will cost you about 90 euros (about 124 dollars ).

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