Daihatsu Kopen

Japanese automaker Daihatsu is not very popular outside of the domestic market . However , few people know that the vehicle manufacturer , which mainly  concentrated to smaller cars and SUVs , the oldest Japanese car manufacturer and was founded in 1907. One of the most famous model of the company ‘s model Copen , which was produced from 2002 to 2012 and represented one of the few sports Kei cars. According to the latest standards , which have been in force since 1998 , Kei cars must not be longer than 3.4 meters and spreads 1:48 meters , while the size of the engine must not exceed 660cc and 63 hp . They are very popular in the Japanese market because of its small size, with which the annual income is very low . Copen still failed to justify the expectations , but left enough deep mark in the market to Daihatsu wanted to do it a second time.

Daihatsu Kopen

Daihatsu Kopen design

At the last Tokyo Motor Show , Japanese car manufacturer has arrived with a modern version that carries Kopen tag ( although the names of the other writing , and is still pronounced the same ) . This little guy provides a metal roof that descends into the trunk and long only 3,395 mm with a width of 1,475 mm and height of 1,275 mm.

Daihatsu Kopen

Daihatsu Kopen engine

Daihatsu will offer the largest possible engine allowed the car still considers Kei , which means that its dimensions to amount to 660cc , and the transmission will be a CVT . In Tokyo, will be subjected to two Kopen concept and to a standard car (blue car with pictures ), and slightly higher terrain version XMZ mark and higher ground clearance (green model in the image ) . Engine power is currently unknown , but we note that the original Copen provided identical 660cc engine with 66 hp and 100 Nm of torque , with acceleration to 100 km / h in 11.7 seconds and a top speed of 176 km / h . Original Copen was also one of the few cars that are exported outside of the domestic market , in the UK, but sold only 500 copies.

Daihatsu Kopen interior

Daihatsu Kopen release date

If Daihatsu Kopen gets green light for production ( which is quite expected ) , its production and sales are expected by 2015. But unlike its predecessor , the new model is reserved only for the domestic market. Daihatsu Kopen is another Kei sports car that announced the return to the market, and previously presented the concept of Honda S660 as the successor to the Beat . At the Tokyo Motor Show, Daihatsu will introduce several concepts and FC- Deck and Deca Deca , which will be powered by hydrogen .

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