Concept BMW M9

The idea of ​​the new BMW supercar old for several years, but is now an independent design studio Radion Design unveiled their version of the Concept BMW M9. Radion Design has created a new version of its representations BMW M9. It is designed as a high-performance coupe model, Concept BMW M9 features a distinctive front LED headlights and a small mask. However first things first.Concept BMW M9

In the photos futuristic Concept BMW M9 in the creation of the design studio Design Radion visible classic design elements for which the BMW recognizable and some completely new solutions. Concept BMW M9 can be described as a combination between GT car and “high-performance” vehicles. The Radion Design, he said that the main idea in the design concept BMW M9 was to employ a “different philosophy than that designers tend to have a BMW.”

Concept BMW M9
It all started because of a lack in the range of Bavarian supercar manufacturers continue to stimulate the imagination of fans of this brand. Some of them go further than that and their thoughts and ideas into an independent design study BMW car. Concept BMW M9 is designed as a sporty two-seater, lowered the nose, with headlights placed in a narrow slit which extends the whole width of the front and covering the radiator grille. The central place occupied by the distinctive grille “kidney” symbols of  BMW car, while the lower part of the bumper placed a wind deflector.

Concept BMW M9 design

The roofline descends a slight slope to the rear edge of the body where there is a small spoiler. Stop lights are extremely thin, which further emphasizes the width of the car, such as a front and rear light clusters feature LED technology.

Concept BMW M9

From Radion Design-and they say they do not expect their concept BMW M9 meet all tastes, and the basic idea is that when designing studies using M9 “different philosophy than the one applied by the BMW designers are” the current model of the company.
The model features an attractive silhouette with flared wheel arches and curves, while the rear of the vehicle unique.

It is certain that this model will appeal to everyone, but Radion Design states that he is not even designed to be universally appealing model, since they always choose a different philosophy and approach to creating something unique.

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