Aston Martin CC 100 Concept

The famous British car manufacturer Aston Martin is celebrating its 100th anniversary, and in honor of the audience was presented CC 100 concept that brings all the legendary features that have graced the company in London over the years. Aston Martin CC 100 is based in the famous Aston Martin DBR1 racer who won the 1959 Le Mans 24-hour race and announces some future lines that can be expected from the British giant in the near future. Although it is a concept, Aston Martin CC 100 is still able to reach 160 km / h, what the audience could see the recent presentation of the famous German Nürburgring, where CC 100 driven by the company president Ulrich Link accompanied by DBR1 slalom Stirling Moss. At first glance, CC 100 (name usually indicates Concept Car and the 100 year anniversary) is a modern copy of DBR1, but after a detailed sightseeing you can see the lines and the modern automobile company. This is especially true in the mask and headlights, and the whole chassis is borrowed from Vanquish.

 aston martin cc 100

Aston Martin CC 100 Concept engine

Under the hood lies a 6.0L V12 engine known, unknown forces, but Aston Martin says that the acceleration to 100 km / h takes just four seconds while top speed is 288 km / h. Power is transferred to the rear wheels via a six-speed manual transmission.

Aston Martin CC 100 Concept design

For now, there is no question about the standard of production, but the British car manufacturer designer Marek Reichman said that although every Aston Martin offers a beautiful and everlasting design, opportunities for improvement still exists, and for the first time in history, bumper and mask are combined into one with the rest of car, which tells us that this is a detail that could be seen on future models of the company. In size,  Aston Martin  CC 100 Vantageu is similar, with a length of about 4.5 meters, but also significantly expands the dimension of about two meters.

 aston martin cc 100

According to some stories, vehicle weight is 1,200 kg, or about 400 kg less than Vantagea. Weight reduction is achieved thanks to the use of carbon, and this is the first move to Aston Martin do the whole shell of carbon. In fact, a similar strategy was seen in two other models of the company, and One-77 and Vanquish. In the end, we will quote the designer Reichman, who says Aston Martin always want evolution, not revolution. With the revolution is always a chance of failure, while  evolution continually improving product. To us to wait and see what the evolution of the Aston Martin store for us in the future.

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