2017 Honda Civic

In the world of compact cars, Honda Civic is definitely one of the top players. This car was originally introduced in 1972 and so far we have seen it nine generations. Current model is present from 2011 and all indicates that it will be replaced soon. The next-generation model is expected to come as 2017 Honda Civic and beside new look, it will come with many upgrades in all aspects.

2017 Honda Civic front view

2017 Honda Civic redesign

Every time when new Civic come, it is a big surprise and we have no doubt that tenth-generation model won’t be an exception. For now, it is unknown how new model will exactly look, but we expect to see big changes. Honda always keeps its future models as secret. However, some pictures of 2017 Honda Civic appeared on the network and, according to those images, we will see plenty of novelties, when it is about exterior look. The next-generation model will come with aggressive and very aerodynamic appearance, but with new model it is not all about visual improvements. The 2017 Civic will get new platform, which will provide massive weight savings. This will provide much better handling and also better fuel economy.

2017 honda civic rear view

2017 Honda Civic engine

The official information about engines for 2017 Civic is still unannounced, so we must rely on predictions. It is expected that new model will be equipped with whole new line-up of Honda’s new “Earth Dreams engines”. The main unit will probably be new 2.0 liter turbocharged engine, which will have output between 280 and 300 horses. The 2017 Honda Civic will also come with new hybrid configuration. It will be similar system to one that can be found in new Accord. Electric motor will deliver power to wheels, while other engines will charge the battery. All new Civic models will use Honda’s new CVT transmission.

2017 Honda Civic release date and price

Release of this model is still far away, but we expected that 2017 Honda Civic will be presented on some of the main car shows during 2016 like New York Auto Show, for example. Price is also unknown, but we have no doubt that Honda will once again offer the perfect balance between price and quality.

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