2016 VW Tiguan

Volkswagen enjoyed major success in sales in US. The SUV market belongs to Japanese vehicles and companies, and German manufacturer made a brave move by stepping there. However, previous version of Tiguan surprised everyone with their popularity, so for next years, VW is planning refreshment and possibly larger redesign. North American market is most attractive for all carmakers, and VW is listening closely what does buyers complain to. For 2016 VW Tiguan we expect even better impressions.

2016 VW Tiguan

2016 VW Tiguan engine

Latest Tiguan made for US market couldn’t brag about its great fuel economy. That will be the case for 2016 VW Tiguan too. German carmaker doesn’t care too much about it, since they think more important areas are power, comfort and reliability of the vehicle, so VW is producing engines to satisfy these conditions. But, if it is not important to VW, it is for buyers, which will rather go after Honda CRV with their 28/31 mpg rate in city/highway, than with 18/26 mpg which was offered from 2014 Tiguan. New model will be powered from 1.8-l or 2.0-l four-cylinder drivetrain. Diesel engine is optional and it will be part of the lineup for 2016 Tiguan.

2016 VW Tiguan platform

Plan is to refresh Tigaun for 2016 zear. However, there are many rumors telling that we could get redesigned model with big changes. This crossover is based on MQB platform, used by the most big VW vehicles. It will use slightly longer wheelbase for better performance. We expect 2016 VW Tiguan to be larger than its predecessor, with increased cargo space. Reconstruction of the vehicle shouldn’t affect its familiar look. There will be still three rows of seats inside the cabin, and plenty of space for head and legs for seven passengers. All existing features and equipment will be updated or upgraded. However, it is expected from VW engineers to offer longer list of these hi-tech features and probably more from the safety side.

016 VW Tiguan interior

2016 VW Tiguan competition

Two crossovers will be major competitors to 2016 VW Tiguan. These are Honda CR-V and Ford Escape. They offer better mpg rate and have larger amounts of sold copies, but VW Tiguan growth is great, and it is not excluded that 2016 year model could be in par with these two, which established their names already on US market.

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