2016 VW Passat

There is big expectation from 2016 VW Passat mainly because company announced big change for it. This model will be the first one from VW family with all-wheel drive in North America. This is great news for all buyers since Golf SportWagen Alltrack wasn’t expected in this vehicle before 2017.

2016 VW Passat front view

2016 VW Passat All-Wheel Drive

There are early information about 2016 VW Passat. As spokesmen said, we can expect sedan which is about inches higher comparing to the conventional SportWagen. It gives more space under car and better ground clearance in challenging terrain. This is very important to all these buyers which would like to get best from all-wheel drive system from new Passat. This sedan will face competition in Subaru AWD models. From Volkswagen believe that they will manage to push out Subaru from market in US, especially in northern states where they could benefit from their extra traction form AWD system.

2016 VW Passat interior

2016 VW Passat engine

Arrival of the 2016 VW Passat is estimated for April of 2015. Selling is planned to start then. However, it is still questionable, how could it come. It is believed that diesel is going to be base option for new Passat. This is very interesting detail, because Passat is rare example outside the truck segment to be sold as diesel. However, selling reccosrds say that 80 percent of sold Passat cars in US are diesel powered. However, petrol engine will be available. It could be 1.8-l four-cylinder. This engine could be more popular in the rest of the World, but US buyers are more likely to buy diesel.

2016 VW Passat rear view

2016 Passat mpg

Diesel option for 2016 VW Passat could be very economical. It takes 20-30 percent less fuel than other gasoline-powered car. However, this is still not good for hybrid vehicles, which are way better in city conditions. On the other hand, diesel 2016 Passat could dominate on highways, where its range is very long with full tank of fuel.

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