2016 VW CC

Most changes for the new VW CC are expected in design. Powertrain and price won’t be affected, but since there is no official confirmation about this car, nothing could surprise us when it comes out. Date is still unknown, but some experts predict it to happen during 2015 and car will come as 2016 VW CC. New lines on exterior and few upgrades inside can make this vehicle pretty attractive. There are some gossips telling that new CC could be produced in Mexico, which would drop its price for nice amount, and sport sedan could be even more attractive to buyers in US.

2016 VW CC front view

2016 VW CC redesign

We said that exterior design will highlight new 2016 VW CC, and from German company are sure that many changes will attract buyers. First of all, roof has been modified and it will get new shape. On the other hand, design for remaining of the vehicle won’t suffer huge overhaul, and 2016 VW CC come with familiar look as its predecessors. Looking form outside, it is somewhere between sedan and sport car, with benefits of both segments.

2016 VW CC rear view

New frameless doors are entrance to the cabin, which is about to be updated with latest tech features. Platform suggest there will be room for five persons and all systems are there to boost the comfort. New audio and infotainment accessories will make a ride with 2016 CC very enjoyable.

2016 VW CC engine

Since there is not too much time before official unveiling of the new VW CC, we are sure that engine which was used for some other similar cars will be installed in it. That is 1.4-l four-cylinder powertrain. It can deliver total of 150 hp for 2016 VW CC. Diesel option with same volume is possible, but that variation could follow base model for a while.

2016 VW CC side view

The 4Motion AWD system and FWD are available. There is difference between these two modes, because front-wheel drive offers better handling and all-wheel drive is more stable and versatile. There are some stories about 2016 CC hybrid, but if that happens, car won’t be available before 2016.

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