2016 Volvo S90

The S90 name was used for the first time in 1996, when company decided to rename 960 model for some certain markets. However, this era ended very soon. In 1998 production of Volvo 900 series ended and it was replaced by new model called S80. This model continued in the same way as 900 series and it was produced in two generations. Original model was active from 1998 to 2006, while second-generation model is still in production.

2016 Volvo S90

However, it seems that company plans to re-introduce S90 nameplate which will replace current S80. It is expected to come in near future, probably as 2016 Volvo S90, and it will feature some revolutionary solutions which will set new standard in the segment of mid-size luxury cars.

2016 Volvo S90 specs

The Volvo S90 will come as replacement for current S80 and although it will belong to the same class, it will come with some revolutionary changes just it was case with XC90 in the segment of crossovers. Although it isn’t officially confirmed, it is expected that new sedan will use many design solutions from the 2013 Volvo Concept Coupe. It will completely follow company’s new design language and we will probably see many elements borrowed for XC90. It will keep the basic lines of S80, but it will get completely new clothes, which will be some kind of an elegant interpretation of XC90. Expect to see same front fascia, with familiar “Thor’s Hammer” headlights.

2016 Volvo S90 side view

The 2016 S90 will ride on the same platform as XC90, so it is expected to use same engines as this SUV. There will be both diesel and petrol engines in offer, but also a hybrid configuration, which will a range topper. This version should generate around 400 horses and 470 lb-ft of max torque, which should be enough for 0-60 mph sprint in around 6 seconds and top speed over 155 mph. When it is about competition, the 2016 Volvo S90 will have German model like Mercedes Benz E-Class and BMW 5 Series as main rivals.

2016 Volvo S90 interior

2016 Volvo S90 release date and price

Although it is still early to speculate about this, we expect that new model will come during next year as 2016 Volvo S90. The price should go around 45.000 dollars for the base model.

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