2016 Nissan Z

New versions of many Nissan vehicles are expected in 2016. Among them is 2016 Nissan Z. This legendary vehicle won’t get too radical changes, as it was rumored in last few months. However, it will be refreshed, with a lot of new details. For new Nissan Z it wasn’t planned hybrid version, but according to major plans, all vehicles from Japanese carmaker’s factories will have hybrid mix as an option after 2017. But, for 2016, famous sport car remains just redesigned. From what we know so far, it could happen that we will see just concept of the car next year and production vehicle will be developed later.

2016 Nissan Z front view

2016 Nissan Z and Mercedes-Benz partnership

New era of the car starts with 2016 Nissan Z. One of the main reasons is partnership with big German carmaker and leader in many segments Mercedes-Benz. Because of that, Nissan will change is philosophy, especially in styling and of course, powering its cars. It is rumored that few drivetrain options have been carried over from Germans. However, this cooperation can only help Nissan and its 2016 Z to develop into top class brand.

2016 Nissan Z interior

2016 Nissan Z engine

Partnership between Nissan and Mercedes is obvious when we throw a glance under the hood of 2016 Nissan Z. Main drivetrain is 2.0-l turbocharged. This powertrain is carried over from some Mercedes models. However, this engine is good for around 210 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque which is good enough for Nissan Z 2016. Even hybrid models are not announced yet, we’ve heard that Nissan will try to develop that mix for some 2016 year models. Anyhow, that hybrid would be consisted of already mentioned petrol engine and electric motor. Also, there is boosted model of new Nissan Z. It is powered from turbocharged, direct-injected 3.0-liter V6. This is more serious drivetrain which gives around 350 hp power to redesigned car. Not all transmission system details are known, but we found that 6-speed manual and 7- speed auto gearbox connects engine and drive system.

2016 Nissan Z rear view

2016 Nissan Z price

When it appears somewhere next year, prediction for cost of 2016 Nissan Z are around $35.000. This is good price, since targeted competitors, Ford Mustang, Audi TT and Chevrolet Camaro cost slightly more.

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