2016 Nissan Titan

In North America full-size pickup trucks are definitely one of the most popular types of vehicles. Just in last year over 1.6 units of this kind were sold. Titan represents Nissan’s vision of how big pickup should like and it was very well accepted in United States. However, in last few years sales results are not good as earlier and company interpreted as clear indicator that it time for some changes. The next generation of this pickup will finally come next year and it will be presented as 2016 Nissan Titan. New model will get many improvements such as new exterior and interior, new engine options and many others.

2016 Nissan Titan

2016 Nissan Titan redesign

The 2016 Nissan Titan will get totally new look both outside and outside. The body of new Titan will be characterized by new much smoother lines and much more aggressive and modern overall look. Interior will also undergo some big changes. Beside new design solutions, interior will be made of high-quality materials, instead of cheap plastic. New 2016 Titan will also get new dashboard, while seats will be of leather now. Also, we expect to see many hi-tech features in new model.

2016 Nissan Titan

2016 Nissan Titan engines

In order to attract wide range of potential customers, Nissan will offer both petrol and diesel variant of 2016 Titan. The basic offer will well-known and proven Nissan’s 5.6 liter V8 engine, also used in outgoing model. This engine has an output of 317 horsepower and 385 pound-feet of torque. On the other side if you more like diesel engines, Nissan prepares new variant of 2016 Titan. It will be a 5.0-liter V8 Cummins diesel engine, which delivers 300 horsepower and has impressive 500 lb-ft of max torque. Beside power, this engine will have one additional good characteristic – fuel economy. It is expected that diesel variant of 2016 Titan will be able to make 26 mpg combined.

2016 Nissan Titan

2016 Nissan Titan release date and price

Although release date is still far away, we expect that new model will be available somewhere in the second half 2015. It is still unknown how much 2016 Nissan Titan will cost but there some indications that starting price will be lower because Nissan plans to introduce some lower trim levels of this model too, but those are just speculations.

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