2016 Mercedes S class

Mercedes S class styling is breathtaking. This car was made to fascinate, and designers made a point. It is big, quality and new. The 2016 Mercedes S class will take the top spot among German carmaker’s coupe lineup. Price is not low, but for this dose of luxury, $120.000 will be fulfilled for all those who plan to splash the money for new 2016 S class.

2016 Mercedes S class side view

2016 Mercedes S class competition

Even 2016 Mercedes S class is very luxurious and great car, it will face tough competition in its class. First of all, there will be their compatriots, Audi with its A8 and BMW 7-series model. However, in toughest circle of competitors will be Jaguar XJ and Maserati Quattroporte.

2016 mercedes s class rear view

2016 Mercedes S class engine

Under the hood of the 2016 Mercedes S class should be something special. For this luxurious vehicle, German carmaker has prepared new unit. It will be powerful 4.7-liter twin-turbocharged V8. If this is drivetrain for 2016 S class, it will top all current models from Stuttgart-based company. This engine could pump up 449 hp and 519 lb-ft. It will make the vehicle shift, accelerate and run better. Due to length shred, car will be lighter, which means less fuel consumption. Also, Mercedes S class 2016 will not suffer because of it on performance end. This car will be quicker and sportier than before.

2016 mercedes s class interior

2016 S class features

The 2016 Mercedes S class is attractive and luxurious model. The S class is known for many years for its classy look and great features. Comfortable seats and pleasurable interior are part of it. For better impression, 2016 S class has enormous glass roof can. Current top of the class model, S550 was topped with hew S class. Some of other features is predictive system, which can scan road up to 49 feet ahead with a stereoscopic camera. Also, springs on the 2016 Mercedes S class can be hydraulically adjusted. All-wheel drive comes standard, while rear-wheel drive system is available for some models. LED lights are renewed outside, and inside the car, we will have some luxurious features, such as Swarovski crystals.

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