2016 Mercedes C class

Since its introduction, this automobile continues to be built-in Sindelfingen assembly plant in Bremen, Germany and it’s available throughout the world. Right up until nowadays we had 4 generations of C Class automobiles. The 4th generation automobile came out in 2014 and the latest model is part of the exact same generation and it is not expected to see any significant alterations for the 2016 Mercedes C Class model.

2016 mercedes c class front view

2016 Mercedes C Class engine

The 2016 Mercedes C Class will offer you numerous motor unit options. The base one is a turbocharged 2.0 liter 4-barrel component which could generate 235 pull and 274 lb-ft of torque. An alternative option is a turbocharged 3 liter V6 procedure that delivers 329 pull and 354 lb-ft torque. Probably the most important unit that’ll be offered with the brand new 2016 C Class will certainly be a twin turbo 4 liter V8, which is to be put to use for the AMG version of the convertible. There are some gossipy information around a conceivable diesel engine stating it’ll use a 2.1 liter diesel-powered unit, however, this plant will probably remain off the American play area. The 2016 Mercedes C Class will start using a seven-rate developed gear box.

2016 mercedes c class side view

2016 Mercedes C Class interior

In terms of the interior 2016 Mercedes C Class will probably have a regular 2+2 interior design. This design and style will likely be the exact same with the versions from the camouflaged convertible towards the typical C Class executive automobile. Mercedes never ever was missing with deluxe in relation to interior design even with the basic level models. We’re getting high quality leather upholstery, wooden trim and lots of soft-touch surfaces. Based on the trim level designers also incorporated some accent lights, light weight aluminum and chrome ornaments within the cabin. This model could under no circumstances been in comparison with other Mercedes models in terms of interior comfort and ease. Nevertheless comparing with other automobiles in its class it’s someplace in the centre with regards to leg and head space in the seat rows and available trunk area room.

2016 mercedes c class spy photos

2016 Mercedes C Class release date and price

There is still no information regarding 2016 Mercedes C Class cost and launch date. It is believed that this new model will probably be introduced on the up coming Frankfurt Motor Show, and we have to wait for the very first price tag estimates prior to composing even more information regarding the precise price ranges of each and every version of just about the most popular Mercedes ranges. If you would have to suppose it will likely be coming in at about $40,000 to get a coupe edition and about $1,000 more for a sedan model.

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