2016 Lincoln MKX

This mid-size crossover was originally launched in 2006 and after eight years of production, we are finally going to see 2016 MKX which will come as new-generation model. The main problem with this, now, outgoing model is because it is uncompetitive with other models in this class. This crossover is considered as very expensive vehicle, because for that money you can buy much better European or Japanese car, or you buy model with same characteristics for much lower price. The prototype of new 2016 Lincoln MKX was presented in Beijing Auto Show this year, and it is Lincoln’s attempt to finally be more competitive to European and Japanese crossovers.

2016 Lincoln MKX front view

2016 Lincoln MKX redesign

The prototype was presented in Beijing and it will have huge impact on 2016 Lincoln MKX. New model will get new exterior design and some of highlights are big 21-inch wheels, floating roof spoiler and new LED lights. New vehicle looks much more attractive and it seem that new Lincoln MKX gets into class of premium crossovers. Beside current trims, new model will come with one additional trim level called Black Label edition, which will be the best equipped variant of 2016 MKX.

2016 Lincoln MKX side view

2016 Lincoln MKX engine

There are many speculations about engines for 2016 Lincoln MKX. One thing is for sure, current 3.7 liter V6 will remain as standard option, but probably with some improvements in terms of fuel economy. Beside this engine, new model will be available with some other engines like, for example, 2.7 liter EcoBoost V6, which is used for new Ford F-150. Some experts also predict that new crossover will be offered as hybrid. If that happen, it will probably be a combination of some turbocharger 4-cylinder petrol engine and electric motor. Just like its predecessor, 2016 MKX will come with front-wheel drive system as standard, while AWD variant will be optional.

2016 Lincoln MKX rear view

2016 Lincoln MKX release date and price

The prototype was presented this year in Beijing and we expect to see 2016 Lincoln MKX in production somewhere in second half of next year. Current model starts around 40.000 dollars and don’t expect some bigger corrections for new model.

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