2016 Honda Civic Si

Honda plans to launch all new Civic for 2016 model year. The next generation of this model will be completely developed and manufactured in United States. If we consider that more than 80 percent of all Civic models are sold in North America, it seems logical. New model will be not only more attractive for American buyers but also could be cheaper. Just like previous generation model, new one will be also offered in many body styles like sedan, coupe, hatchback (only for European market) etc. There will be several trim levels too. One of these variants will be Si.

2016 Honda Civic Si

2016 Honda Civic Si redesign

It is expected that ninth generation of Civic will come with many significant changes. If we consider that this model is present in almost every country in the world, it is clear that Honda’s designers had very hard task to satisfy all that different tastes and needs. However, most of Civic are sold in U.S. and Canada, so it is expected that 2016 Honda Civic Si will be primarily designed to satisfy needs of North American buyers. Most of the complains for last model were about interior, so we can presume that main concern was to create much better cabin for 2016 Honda Civic Si. New 2016 Civic Si will get new more attractive interior with many hi-tech features like large LCD display, new audio system, USB, Bluetooth, rear-view camera and many other.

2016 Honda Civic Si

2016 Honda Civic Si engine

While base models like LX, HF, EX, and EX-L are powered with 1.8 liter engine, the 2016 Honda Civic Si variant uses more powerful. The 2016 Honda Civic Si is powered by 2.4 liter 4-cylinder dual-overhead cam. This engine provides 201 hp and has 170 lb-ft of max torque. The transmission will be Honda’s well known CVT. Although this is not new engine, some improvements are expected, especially in terms of fuel economy. New Civic will also be offered in hybrid variant.

2016 Honda Civic Si

2016 Honda Civic Si release date

Well, since this new generation is planned to be launched as 2016 year mode, it is hard to say any precise date about Si launch. However, some optimistic predictions are that 2016 Civic Si will be available in summer of 2015.

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