2016 Ford Ka

The first generation Ford Ka, which was produced from 1996 to 2008 , to this day considered to be one of the strangest cars American vehicle manufacturers in the European market. Although never sold in high numbers, the Ka has gained a substantial reputation to survive in the production of 12 years without major changes. When the second generation debuted five years ago , Ford has decided to move their children into premium class with new Fiat 500, with which it shares a platform Ka and most mechanics. However , while the 500 has become a hit from the start, with annual sales of about 250,000 copies, Ka had to meet three times lower sales.

2016 Ford Ka

Ford Ka concept

Ford recently announced that the next generation Ka will be done in cooperation with Fiat and wants to go back to the roots of this city car , and the result has been seen recently in Brazil, where he introduced the third generation in form of concept. Ford decided to Brazil as the official launch mostly because this market is one of those that grow rapidly, but it is also a market with a large number of affordable cars. The new 2016 Ford Ka will be significantly cheaper than its predecessor when it goes on sale within two years . For the first time in history to be to be a global model that shares a modified platform of the Fiesta . According to research by the American car manufacturer , city car market will grow by 35 % over the next six years, with annual supply of about 6.2 million vehicles.

 2016 Ford Ka redesign

With design new 2016 Ford Ka quite reminiscent of last year’s Fiesta concept , which these days is entering the final phase of the production car. Although Ford did not show pictures of the interior of 2016 Ka , for it says that it will be of high quality materials , with space for five people , and a wide selection of standard and optional equipment specifically for markets in progres. For now it is unknown whether the line to provide a hatchback with five door or will later be extended to the three-door version , and perhaps a sedan.

2016 Ford Ka

2016 Ford Ka engine

It is speculated that the offer of 2016 Ford Ka engine could be based on two petrol and 1.0L I3 to the 80 hp and 1.5L I4 with 107 hp (gasoline ) and 111 HP ( ethanol).

2016 Ford Ka price

In the end, we mention that a key market for the new 2016 Ford Ka should be South America , Europe and Asia. According to some stories, American giant target on Dacia Logan as a major competitor with a starting price of just 7,000 euros ( 9,500 dollars ).

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