2016 Dodge Dart

Since Chrysler have overtaken the Dodge company, there are a lot improvements, innovations and modifications to its vehicles, and according to selling results, these changes are not unnoticed between buyers. Reincarnation has started, and company comes to year after next with few cars totally redesigned. One of them is 2016 Dodge Dart which will suffer mid-cycle refresh. Not too many changes are to be applied, because new generation of the vehicle is being prepared.

2016 Dodge Dart GT

2016 Dodge Dart release date

Dodge company now has a five year plan for its vehicles. Part of it is clearly Dart. In five-year schedule, 2016 model comes in mid year. If engineers late with modifications, it could happen that we see it in 2017. Start of market sales of 2016 Dodge Dart should start not too much time after premiere. Dodge has huge plans for future, and main point is overtaking sport compact segment primacy. Hard job from this perspective, but with enthusiasm and a bit of luck, it is not impossible.

2016 Dodge Dart GT

2016 Dodge Dart engine

Drivetrain range for 2016 Dodge Dart starts with 4-cylinder engine placed under the hood of base models. This 2.0-l engine is capable to deliver 160 hp and 150 lb-ft of torque through 6-speed auto gearbox. Power is sent to all wheels. Other option is turbocharged 1.4-l drivetrain capable to deliver same amount of horsepower, but has higher level of torque, around 200 lb-ft. The same transmission is placed in all models of 2016 Dart. Fuel economy over 30 mpg is quite good, but could be better, especially when we are talking about compact sport car.

2016 Dodge Dart GT

2016 Dodge Dart features

Since 2016 Dodge Dart is sport vehicle, we expect it to be tuned for speed lovers. Still, this is compact vehicle, so no extreme performances are expected. However, we already mentioned turbocharged engine, but there will be also sport suspension, new brakes and driving system set up for sport drive. Also, some exterior components could be made to boost aerodynamic, and raise a top speed and acceleration bar for new Dodge Dart. Price of under $30.000 would be acceptable for this type of vehicle.

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