2016 Dodge Dakota

Since its first appearance back in 1987, Dakota caught a lot of attention from customers and truck lovers. Over the years it developed to one of the top models in its segment. At its prime, during almost ten years at the end of 90’s and in the beginning of 2000’s, it recorded best selling records. However, since 2005 popularity of the truck declined and Dodge struggled to make come back. Now, under Chrysler’s ownership, 2016 Dodge Dakota should raise popularity of the truck again and try to overcome 10 year absence.

2016 Dodge Dakota

2016 Dodge Dakota characteristics

The 2016 Dodge Dakota is going to carry over characteristics of previous models from golden era. First of all, it comes as mid-size pick-up truck. Back in 90’s, customers knew that constant upgrades are expected and model was always up to date with technology equipment as well as with powertrains. However, buyers in US expect no less from Dodge Dakota 2016, and so we are. The so called “Baby Ram” shouldn’t disappoint if it wants to get to top again.

2016 Dodge Dakota rear view

2016 Dodge Dakota engine

As return of mid-size pick-up truck is closer every day, powertrain options are still kept as secret. There is no information from company, and they secured themselves well, because no leaked information or rumors have shown. However, experts predict V6 engine for 2016 Dodge Dakota. If truck wants to be competitive in its class, mileage should be between 25-30 mpg. From some earlier plans, engineers has task to raise its economy to 30. We will see if that comes with 2016 Dakota. For hat, we assume large amount of light materials should be used.

2016 Dodge Dakota engine

2016 Dodge Dakota styling

Front of the 2016 Dodge Dakota will suffer most changes and updates. New, black bumpers and headlights feature this truck, and possible work is done on the hood. Also, sides and rear get new design. Over the entire length of the truck there will be chrome line. Inside, cargo space is larger and there is also slightly more room for passengers. As for tech systems, 2016 Dakota meets up-to-date requirements for nowadays vehicles. It includes audio system, navigation and upgraded air conditioning.

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