2016 Cadillac LTS

For a very long period, there is a circulation of rumors about new Cadillac’s model, which is expected to be company’s flagship sedan. These rumors will finally become something more than just a speculation. The testing model, which was spotted on the streets few weeks ago is happen to be new Cadillac’s premium vehicle, a  full-size, long wheelbase, rear wheel drive sedan which will have luxury, comfort and excellent performances as its main characteristics. Although the name of this model is not announced yet officially, we have some inside information that it will bear the name of 2016 Cadillac LTS. There was also a possibility that new model will be called Ville, but that proposal seems to be rejected.

2016 Cadillac LTS

2016 Cadillac LTS redesign

According to spy photos, it seems that 2016 LTS will use the Omega II platform, which was also used for some other models such as new coupe concept called Elmiraj. New model have outside look similar to CTS model, but this sedan will be much longer and that is notable at the first sight. Wide headlights, LED elements and Cadillac’s recognizable grille are present on this model too. However, extra long wheelbase and beautiful long hood are the first thing that you will notice, but is logical because this is a full-size sedan and it is known that everything that is long, also looks elegant. New 2016 Cadillac LTS won’t be only large and elegant-looking car, it will be also very comfortable. With these dimensions, it is very easy to conclude that cabin will be extremely spacious. It is expected to be also very luxurious and full of latest hi-tech features.

2016 Cadillac LTS

2016 Cadillac LTS engine

It is still unknown which engine run this new sedan. However, it seems that it will be some of new engines that company uses in some other models too. The base engine for 2016 LTS will probably be 3.6 liter twin-turbocharged V6, which is used also for new CTS. New model will be offered with some V8 too, but is unknown which engine exactly will be used for 2016 LTS. Transmission will be 8-speed automatic and it will deliver power to the rear wheels. AWD variant is also expected.

2016 Cadillac LTS

2016 Cadillac LTS release date and competition

The exact launch date of 2016 Cadillac LTS is still unknown, but we expect that it will be introduced by the end of next year. The competitors will be models like Mercedes-Benz S-class, BMW 7-Series, Audi A8 and Lexus LS.

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