2016 Buick Grand National GNX

We have been waiting for 20 years after the last time we saw it, and now, we should get double dose of Buick Grand National not only in base form, but also as high-performance GNX. We still don’t know exact date of launch, but it should be 2016 Buick Grand National GNX. However, higher end model will follow base car with few months, so we could see GNX version late in 2015 or even in 2016.Anyway, whenever it happens, main competition in US market will be sixth-generation Chevy Camaro.

2016 Buick Grand National GNX

2016 Buick Grand National GNX design

Company that produces 2016 Buick Grand National GNX thought it would be wise to launch sport-luxury car and place it in offer. So far, we know that the vehicle will be built upon Alpha platform, which uses rear-wheel drive system. Same platform, with some modifications will be used for upcoming Cadillac ATS and CTS. However, it will be refreshment on sport sedan market with RWD, so company expects good selling records from 2016 Buick Grand National GNX.

2016 Buick Grand National GNX performance

Engine options and its outputs are not officially confirmed yet, but there are some leaked information about this part. Both regular and tuned GNX model will get few drivetrains. First in the rumors is mentioned 2.0-liter turbocharged I4 LTG. This engine is good for 250 hp. Stronger is 3.6-l naturally aspirated V6 LFX with output of around 300 hp. Finally, and most probable option to be placed under the hood of the 2016 Buick Grand National GNX is 3.6-l twin turbo V6 LF3. This is new engine from Buick, and it should be capable to deliver over 400 hp for performance-boosted GNX model of 2016 Buick Grand National. All these engines get new feature called Variable Valve Timing.

2016 Buick Grand National GNX interior

2016 Buick Grand National GNX price and release date

With still long way to go before official information and unveiling it is hard to predict price of 2016 Buick Grand National GNX. However, experts say that base models of GN will be around $30.000 and with boost in engine, styling and many details, GNX version could cost $10.000 more. The 2016 Grand National GNX is expected to follow regular model in few months, so it could happen to be launched in mid-2016.

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