2016 BMW M8

For the presentation of the BMW i8 models started the rumors about a possible production version of the sports that bears the mark of BMW M8 . As things currently stand, model M8 may appear 2016th year. According to German media, the new 2016 BMW M8 will likely be based on the i8 model , and should be equipped with a V8 bi- turbo engine with 600 hp.

 2016 BMW M8

2016 BMW M8 design

Called M8 project was inspired by M1 supercar Homagge concept study has shown 2008th at the Villa dEste competition of elegance in Italy . The study was strongly dependent on the original ” features ” M1 supercar . With regard to the chassis model M8 possible , it should not be significantly different from the model i8 . Additional information is limited , but it is stated that the passenger cell made ​​of carbon fiber i8 models could provide the M8 does not weigh more than 1500 kg which will positively influence the performance and significantly less than competitors such as the Mercedes SLS.

 2016 BMW M8

2016 BMW M8 engine

In terms of enhine , sources say that 2016 BMW M8 power between 600 and 650 horses obtained from the 4.4 -liter twin – turbo V8 engine with direct injection , known from the M5 sedan upper middle class. Coupled with ninespeed automatic transmission , the unit should enable M8 model could accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in about 3 seconds and reaches a maximum burst of approximately 322 km / h . As the Bavarian company sharply focused towards efficiency EfficientDynamics recipe will be applied to the 2016 M8 model , and is expected to install the Start & Stop system as standard, among others.

 2016 BMW M8

2016 BMW M8 release date

Lots of confirmation and denial regarding the 2016 BMW M8 project was last year, and with each euphoria among fans of the blue-and-white character grew and the sprayer . Is that the case with this latest or this time is right thing , time will tell. Latest reports suggest that the successor to the legendary M1 supercar Bavarian Kopani the late 1970s could not appear in public in serial form 2016th.

 2016 BMW M8

2016 BMW M8 price

It is expected that the model bear a price of 250,000 euros to the first concept set out by 2015. year, while the production version arrived a year later.

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