2016 Audi TT

This small two door sports car was originally launched in 1998. The third generation of this model was shown at 2014 Geneva Auto Show and it seems that it is finally going to hit the market. New model may look not too much different, but this is definitely a big step ahead, compared to previous generation. Visual changes may not be so big (anyone who knows just a little about this German automaker didn’t even expect them), but on the other side 2016 Audi TT comes with whole new interior and, which is probably most important, it comes with whole new engine line-up.

2016 Audi TT front view

2016 Audi TT redesign

Well, we all know that Audi don’t make drastic changes between two generations of its models. Same case is with Audi TT 2016. It comes with similar outside look like its predecessor, but still with some tweaks which make him sleeker and sharper. The front fascia is slightly redesigned with little more upright grille, while headlights are much more aggressive and, which is a little bit surprising, they are different compared to other models from Audi. Interior of 2016 TT is completely redesigned. The cabin is designed in two-tone color and some of the most notable features are new steering wheel and dashboard which are made in very minimalistic style. There are plenty of hi-tech features and also many safety systems installed in new 2016 Audi TT.

2016 Audi TT top

2016 Audi TT engines

This is probably the most important thing about new model. The 2016 Audi TT comes with whole new line-up of engines. There are one diesel and two petrol engines in offer. Diesel variant is powered 2.0 liter TDI engine which makes 184 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque. The weaker petrol variant is 2.0 liter turbo with 230 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of twist, while most powerful variant of new Audi TT will be powered with same engine, but this time boosted up 310 horsepower.

2016 Audi TT rear view

2016 Audi TT release date and price

Release date is still unknown, but it is expected that new model will firstly come in Europe late this year, while in U.S. it will be available next year. It is expected that 2016 Audi TT will cost around 50.000 dollars for base model.

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