2016 Audi RS5 TDI-e

Audi preparing a revolution in terms of the first RS model with a diesel engine. On the track in Nirburgringu were seen Audi A5 models with the new 3.0L twin-turbo V6 diesel engine. What is specific about these engines is that they are heavy only 192 kilos. This engine is expected in the A6 and A7, during the summer, and later in other Audi models. However this is not the model that brings revolution. One that attracts a lot of attention wearing TDI-e tag and provides an identical engine, but even with 380 hp. According to announcements from Audi that he should appear in a production next year and become the first RS model with a diesel engine.

2016 Audi RS5 TDI-e

2016 Audi RS5 TDI-e engine

The 2016 Audi RS5 TDI-e provides two turbo – the first to operate at lower revs and has a task to start the car while the second turbo comes on only at high revs and at higher speeds. What makes the TDI-e is different in that it is able to operate both turbo engine  in the same time, which also gets high power unheard of for a V6 diesel engine. This is possible thanks to a small electric motor, which drives both turbo and already at 3,000 RPM reaches its maximum power. The 2016 Audi RS5 TDI will also develop very high 749 Nm of torque at just 1,250 rpm.

2016 Audi RS5 TDI-e

2016 Audi RS5 TDI-e specs

What has so far been impossible now to the words of the people from Audi become a reality. It is expected that this engine is as good as gasoline, although early tests show that the RS5 with a petrol engine still significantly faster on the straight line. The 2016 Audi RS5 TDI-e accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in under four seconds and a top speed of 278 km / h. The 2016 Audi RS5 TDI-e conveys power to all four wheels via the eight-speed automatic gearbox.

2016 Audi RS5 TDI-e

2016 Audi RS5 TDI-e release date

The 2016 Audi RS5 TDI-e is still in the test phase and in series productionshould appear by the end of next year. The only design changes should be in the form of TDI mark. In this way, this car should be a great “sleeper” with very high performances, but still with very moderate consumption.

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