2015 Volvo S80

Future car from Volvo will be released as 2015 Volvo S80. It will bring few changes to the previous model, and will be released as redesigned car. With all additions and hi-tech equipment, it will be able to hold step with other cars in same class. To be one of the best in the class, engineers still have a lot of work with fuel economy and details, so this sedan could compete in its class. As a synonym for luxurious sedans, Volvo has big advantage in start of producing this vehicle.

2015 Volvo S80

2015 Volvo S80 redesign

Platform used for building 2015 Volvo S80 is original XC90, which is used on many Volvo cars. Highlight of the concept is long wheelbase, which will be used in 2015 year model. Interior of the 2015 S80 will be revisited, and in company’s plans is stylish and elegant cabin. It will be roomy, with enough passengers space for comfortable ride. Also, driver will have conditions for smooth handling. Redesigned and spacey,  new 2015 S80 will be family sedan, suitable even for long trips. For that, Volvo had secured car with many safety features and system inside the cabin.

2015 Volvo S80 interior

2015 Volvo S80 engine

The 2015 S80 will probably be equipped with engine from previous model with slight modifications. There is no official information, but it will be normal that Volvo’s engineers are working on improving fuel economy for this sedan. It is expected that vehicle will be using inline six twin –turbo engine as alternative to carried drivetrain. Inline four diesel engines combined with a turbocharged petrol have been mentioned in rumors about possible option for the new 2015 Volvo S80.

2015 Volvo S80

2015 Volvo S80 release date and price

Expected time for the premiere of the 2015 S80 is somewhere in 2014, and market sales will start by the end of the year. What is good, is the price of the Volvo. We still don’t have exact number, but according to the price of previous models, 2015 Volvo S80 will be cheaper from the competitors and will be one of the best options in sedan class.

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