2015 Toyota GT86 sedan

While the latest information is that the model GT86 coupe postponed indefinitely , the more we talk about a possible sedan version with 4 doors . At Toyota GT86 believe in the model and are considered to be the platform of the car should be used for other related models that offer customers. The problem is that the Japanese company is still in two minds as to which car will expand the family GT86 models .

2015 Toyota GT86 sedan

Most likely to get a production version in the beginning had a GT86 roadster. Toyota is on show in Geneva in March 2013. presented a pre-production FT86 Open Concept . However , the implementation of the serial car is not there , and the latest news from Toyota saying the leaders second thoughts and disposal , and even a possible cancellation of the convertible.

At the same time she arrived in Australia information that Toyota is now considering the 2015 GT86 practical sedan that will be placed on a platform with a wheelbase extended by 100 mm . More space between the front and rear wheels fashioned make room for another pair of doors and allow the rear seats to become functional , and receive two adult passengers .

2015 Toyota GT86 sedan

2015 Toyota GT86 – engine

Basic settings design would be taken from the Coupe version, just like the 2.0 -liter boxer engine capable of producing 200 hp and 205 Nm. In addition to this aggregate 2015 Toyota GT86 sedan would have a version powered by a next-generation hybrids , Toyota introduced the Yaris Hybrid -R Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show .

2015 Toyota GT86 sedan

The same source said , citing information from Toyota , it is a hybrid propulsion system that would 2015 GT86 sedan developed 200 kW ( 272 hp) . Although it would deliver more power compared to the boxer engine from the model GT86 Coupe , hybrid consumption would be lower by 10-15 per cent.

2015 Toyota GT86 – release date and price

If the car gets green light for production , 2015 Toyota GT86 Saloon premiered in Geneva in March 2014 , most likely as a concept , while the production model appeared on the market 2015th , and it sells at a similar price as the current coupe. It is possible that Toyota has an economic justification for such a car , but I still think it would be a shame if absent previously announced convertible version.

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