2015 Toyota Aygo

After the 2015 Peugeot 108 and 2015 Citroen C1, at this year’s Geneva Motor Show was launched in the last car of the group – 2015 Toyota Aygo. Although the least known of the group, 2015 Aygo was one of the first Toyota cars in the city class on the European market.

Far back as 2001, the three companies have reached an agreement, and the first representatives came four years later to 107, C1 and Aygo. Now in the second generation, the 2015 Toyota Aygo delivers design that is the world’s largest carmaker hopes to attract younger buyers who want a small, simple and cheap car for city driving.

2015 Toyota Aygo

2015 Toyota Aygo design

If we believe the designer David Teraiu, 2015 Aygo will revolutionize the market equal to that of the Nissan Juke made ​​a few years ago and attract those who want to be different from the rest. Toyota says it has decided to take this step because at any price he wants to distinguish itself from rivals and with good reason. In fact, nine years ago when he made ​​his debut Aygo, the class had only five representatives, while the number listed today for four times. Interestingly, the Aygo in its class has more customers than any other Toyota model in its class, which is all the more reason to keep their current customers. With a length of 3.75 meters, the new 2015 Toyota Aygo is 25 mm longer compared to its predecessor, but also for the 8 mm wider. Toyota claims that the interior space larger than ever before, thanks to better organization of materials, and will be delighted with the passengers in the rear seats. The offer will include versions with three and five doors, as well as at 108 and C1, the customer will be able to choose from the wide selection of standard and optional equipment.

2015 Toyota Aygo

2015 Toyota Aygo engine

The engine range starts with a small 1.0L I3 engine that develops 68 hp and emits only 88 g / km. The only option left is slightly larger 1.2L engine with 82 hp  with CO2 emissions of 99 g / km  and in both cases the customer can choose between manual and automatic transmission with five speeds. Although the previous Aygo could get with a diesel engine from Toyota say that such engines have become too expensive to develop to meet the latest EU6 form of exhaust gases, especially in these times when small petrol engines provide almost identical consumption  with greater force.

2015 Toyota Aygo

2015 Toyota Aygo release date and price

Production and sales for 2015 Toyota Aygo start later this year with a starting price of around 11,000 euros ( 15,000 dollars ), and the Toyota expects great success. The 2015 Aygo may not make a difference as the Fiat 500 and Opel Adam, but will surely leave an important mark on the market.

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