2015 Subaru Tribeca

The 2015 Subaru Tribeca will be one of the largest models in its class, and in Subaru company. This seven seated vehicle will be comfortable for family trips, offering pleasure and enjoy of a ride. This SUV will offer wide range of infotainment features, and engine for a smooth ride. Some of the options will be carried over from predecessor, and many will be updated and replaced.

2015 Subaru Tribeca

2015 Subaru Tribeca engine

Under the hood of the 2015 Subaru Tribeca will be 3.6-l H6 powertrain capable to produce 256 hp. This engine will be mated to 5-speed auto gearbox and will send power to all wheels. Some of the systems installed to perform better ride will be 4-wheel ABS and driveline traction control. Since new Subaru Tribeca is a family SUV, safety systems are improved, including 1st and 2nd row airbags and side seat mounted airbags. Vehicle was graded as one of the safest SUV vehicles from IIFS or the Insurance Institutes for the Highway Safety.

2015 Subaru Tribeca

2015 Subaru Tribeca – Driving impression

Long rides are not painful anymore with 2015 Subaru Tribeca. You can enjoy it as a driver or a passenger, and you don’t have to bother about space. This 7-seated SUV has enough space for entire family and their entire luggage. For the drivers, even so big 2015 Tribeca will pleasantly surprise with its easy handling. It is one of the best in that segment in its class, but also overall handling is really positive. With it, we will get better steering and cornering. The 2015 Tribeca will be perfect for drive in snow conditions, but also in other.

2015 Subaru Tribeca

2015 Subaru Tribeca design

Major changes on the 2015 Subaru Tribeca comes with moon roof and smaller display of rear camera. Exterior will be highlighted with 18-inch aluminum wheels. Interior was one part of the vehicle which received most positive critics since Tribeca was presented 10 years ago. It was different from others, but stylish design and futuristic look had a good impact between buyers.

2015 Subaru Tribeca interior

However, interior will be refreshed with some ate-metallic accents, but it should keep its well-known elegant look. In addition, air conditioning will now be automatic, which will pleasure both driver and passengers of 2015 Tribeca.

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