2015 Seat Leon X-Perience

Seat is still a black spot of Volkswagen and is still seeking a model that will bring high sales growth. Seat continues to expand its offerings Leon models, in addition hatchback with three and five-door and station wagon, now arrives version with the X-Perience label. This model needs to fill the gap to 2016 until the company’s first SUV Seat.

2015 Seat Leon X-Perience

2015 Seat Leon X-Perience redesign

The 2015 Seat X-Perience is based on a standard ST Leon with a lot of modification. The changes include both bumpers that are completely new, that this model give a more aggressive design, but also provide better protection for all those who will be your Leon to drive through difficult terrain. Altered still and wheel arches and sills and add the larger alloy wheels, roof rails and fog lights.

2015 Seat Leon X-Perience

The interior is similar with the difference that it is now offering several new colors and a greater selection of standard and optional equipment. The space in the trunk is much higher in comparison with the standard Leon and is 587 liters with raised or lowered with 1,470 liters safety seat. The suspension was significantly modified, allowing the height raised to 15 mm, and as model for this car was used Skoda Octavia Scout.

2015 Seat Leon X-Perience engine

Under the hood of 2015 Seat Leon X-Perience offer several engine options. The offer starts with a 1.8L TSI gasoline with 180 hp. Seat expects buyers to opt for some of the TDI diesel, as well as a 110-hp 1.6L and 2.0L with 150 hp and 184 hp. Fuel consumption is very low, at weaker engine is only 4.7 liters per 100 kilometers with CO2 emissions of 126 g / km. The 2015 X-Perience will be the only model offered with a standard drive to all four wheels.

2015 Seat Leon X-Perience

2015 Seat Leon X-Perience release date

The 2015 Seat Leon X-Perience will appear first in sales in the domestic market and later in the rest of Europe. The target market for Seat is China and this model should extend the life of the company until at least mention SUVs company arrives.

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