2015 Renault Twingo III

Renault has once again redefined their smallest model. New 2015 Renault Twingo will try to regain the popularity it had the first generation of this car with the inevitable comparisons with former Renault 5 and the current Fiat 500. The French manufacturer has recently celebrated two decades since the appearance of the model Twingo . The first generation of this car has brought refreshment and showed that the smallest cars can be both attractive and functional.

2015 Renault Twingo III

The success of Twingo I is the fact that it took place on the market almost a decade and a half. Second, modernized generation , however , failed to achieve the popularity of its predecessor. Therefore, the Renault decided that this model changes from the root.

2015 Renault Twingo III changes

In addition to names, 2015 Twingo III does not have much in common with their predecessors. Although like the first two generations also belongs to a segment , its role is partially modified. Judging by the first photos and promotional video, it is obvious that this is a car that will rival and some “life – style” models like the Opel Adam or mentioned Fiat 500. Compared to them, the 2015 Renault Twingo will try to outmanoeuvre as functional and versatile car that will in addition have a couple more doors.

2015 Renault Twingo III

2015 Renault Twingo III design

The design of the car is not surprising because the Renault through several concept cars with Twin prefix already indicated how it will look in 2015 Renault Twingo III.

“The design of the new Twingo is inspired by the original version of this car , and Renault 5 model ,” explains the head of the French design company , Laurens van den Acker.

2015 Renault Twingo III

” Twingo III is the modern view of small city cars. It is designed to be fun and playful small urban car .”

Renault has announced that customers will be offered a wide range of colors and many personalization options , including an attractive sliding canvas roof . To make space in the cabin was used to the maximum within the given external dimensions, the wheels have been moved to the end of the body .

In relation to the first two generations , which were only available in 3-door version , New 2015 Renault Twingo has 5 doors. It may at first sight not seen , because in accordance with the prevailing trend Renault hidden rear door handles in the ” C ” pillars.

2015 Renault Twingo III release date

In addition to being available only with 5-door , 2015 Renault Twingo III differs from its predecessors in that it was the engine and drive moved back. The French company said that thus achieved that the car has better maneuverability in tight urban environment and maximum use of space for the passengers. Renault has not yet published detailed specifications of the car , but it is assumed that he is about 3.5 m long .

2015 Renault Twingo III

To find out the exact dimensions , but also see how it looks inside the new 2015 Renaul Twingo , we will have to wait until the fourth March and the opening of a car dealership in Geneva , when the scheduled official premiere.

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