2015 Ram Promaster City

Ford Transit Connect with his ​​appearance created a market of small commercial vehicles in North America. After him, the market appears Nissan NV200, as well as its twin Chevrolet Express City, and now coming to market and Chrysler’s commercial division Ram with model Promaster City. This model is actually a Fiat Doblo with certain modifications. Model 2015 Ram Promaster City is almost identical to its competitors, particularly if you look at the cargo area and the most attention attracts Tradesman commercial version.

2015 Ram Promaster City

2015 Ram Promaster City engine

The 2015 Promaster City offers a one Tigershark 2.4L I4 engine, which develops 178 hp and 236 Nm of torque and power will be transferred to the front wheels via the nine-speed automatic gearbox. This engine is quite stronger than those at the NV200 and City Express (2.0L with 131 hp) and an equal fight with Transit Connectovim standard 2.5L engine (169 hp). Advantage Ford Transit Connect is an optional 1.6L EcoBoost engine with 178 hp, which is significantly better to drive, thanks to its high torque at low RPM. The 2015 City speeds up to 100 km / h in ten seconds, which is two seconds slower than the Transit Connect.

2015 Ram Promaster City interior

2015 Ram Promaster City redesign

The 2015 Ram Promaster City brings modified bumpers and grill. The novelty is that the buyer  now can to choose both versions (commercial and passenger) in primary and better-equipped SLT version. Both version characterized by a wide selection of standard and optional equipment, such as Uconnect, SiriusXM radio and navigation system. It is interesting that this is the only model in the class where the customer can choose between glass or metal box, which is also the option that Ram took from the Italian partner Fiat. City will be only the second product in its class (the only one remaining is the Transit Connect) is available in the passenger version with space for five seats. The aim of the company Ram that in this way fill the void that will Dodge Grand Caravan Van leave when he withdrew from the market after 2016 years.

2015 Ram Promaster City

2015 Ram Promaster City price

The starting price for the 2015 Ram Promaster City would have to be around $ 22.000 (about 16,200 euros) for commercial or 25.000 U.S. dollars (18,400 euros) for the passenger version. The first specimens of this model will begin arriving in showrooms by the end of the year. The Ram Promaster City has all the conditions for success, but the question is whether it will succeed to undermine the leader in this class Ford Transit Connect.

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