2015 Porsche Panamera

The new Panamera is inspired with coupes from around 70’s. Second generation of the car should start with 2015 Porsche Panamera, and it will be built on new platform, with significantly shorter chassis. It is still unknown if fans could expect its premiere this year, or it will be launched early in 2015. However, when it comes, it will be excellent competitor in its class.

2015 Porsche Panamera

2015 Porsche Panamera redesign

There is a lot of interest about the look of the 2015 Porsche Panamera. Fans are impatient to see how it looks like. However, without official confirmation from German carmaker, we expect luxurious details both interior and exterior. New platform is mentioned in some rumors, so it is probable to get many new details. Car should be shorter and lighter. Wheelbase is shredded, and by using new materials, 2015 Panamera will cut its weight and improve its fuel economy. Stylish and sporty are attributes given in official statements, and we are sure 2015 Porsche Panamera will be it. High-standard solutions and rich details mad of top quality materials will be highlights of the interior. Outside, color range, body design and wheels will be breath-holders.

2015 Porsche Panamera interior

2015 Porsche Panamera engine

Porsche Panamera 2015 will have same engine options as new Porsche 928 Coupe. IT is planned for Panamera to have carried over turbocharged V8 powertrain. It will be engine for base models, while high-end vehicles will be available with different motors. This V8 will be either 4.0-l or 6.0-l. Output could go until incredibly 600 hp. Other option will also be borrowed. It would be 5.7-l V10 from GT Coupe. There will be also few transmissions systems available for choosing. Six-speed manual as standard and dual-clutch seven-speed automatic as optional, will send power to rear wheels. GT Coupe has excellent performance numbers with sprint 0-60 mph in 3.8 sec and top speed at 198 mph, which should be topped by 2015 Panamera.

2015 Porsche Panamera

2015 Porsche Panamera release date and price

Release date of the 2015 Porsche Panamera is expected either in last quarter in 2014 or early in 2015. All fans which plan to buy this vehicle should start saving, because $100.000 price tag will hang on the base models and high-performance models could go up to $150.000.

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