2015 Nissan Z

According to information supplied by Nissan is preparing the successor of the legendary Nissan 370 Z. The 2015 Nissan Z are preparing a new generation whose premiere should be in 2014. year (sales, however, will start 2015).. The concept should make his debut at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show.

2015 Nissan Z2015 Nissan Z engine

Besides the announcement that there will be more aerodynamic and sporty, eye-catching and the information that the new Z could also receive a hybrid version, which would mean a combination of 3.5-liter V6 gasoline engine and electric motor (with a combined capacity of 360 hp). Perhaps even more interesting sounds and informal information on a possible version of the Daimler diesel engine. While the new Nissan Z does not appear in the sales, here’s another render showing his possible appearance.

2015 Nissan Z

2015 Nissan Z design

In a recent interview with the head of Nissan Design, Shiro Nakamura, have discovered new details about the next generation of Nissan’s Z sports car. Noting that the development process is just starting, Nakamura said that the future model will be lighter, shorter and stronger character. There will be higher than the current model and will be designed to be liked a wider range of customers. There are no confirmed information on the engine that will drive the new Z but speculations suggest that it could be used turbo 4-cylinder, although it is closer to the features of SX / Silvia models.


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