2015 Mitsubishi Galant

According to information we obtained from sources close to the company Mitsubishi after the period under contemplated Galant model for 2015. year, made ​​the final decision to move forward with this project. According to the latest news, Mitsubishi Galant is preparing a new, model year 2015, and it would be his version of the concept is to appear more at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, which usually begins November 22.

2015 mitsubishi galant

Mitsubishi plans to in the future focus on the U.S. market, which is further confirmed by the statements of the heads of these companies who state that the offer can be expected in 2015 and a replacement for Galant Montero Sport model. In an official statement to come out of Mitsubishi states that customers can expect many surprises many of which will be presented in the course of this year’s Fair, the Tokyo Motor Show which maintenance is expected in late November.

2015 mitsubishi galant

New 2015 Mitsubishi Galant model main characteristics of the rounded edges compared to 2008 Mitsubishi Concept ZT and will be available in several variants – petrol, diesel, hybrid. When it comes to the size of the model, the following Galant will be the same size as the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry models. The 2015 Mitsubishi Galant will be sold at the current announcements in the U.S., Asia and Australia, but it is not known whether it will eventually be offered and Europeans.

In any case, the 2015 Mitsubishi Galant should compete with cars like the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord, and in the U.S. is expected with two petrol engines, as well as a hybrid version. Also on offer will include the dual-clutch transmission, four-wheel, rear-view camera, active cruise control, collision prevention system. The new Lancer is Mitsubishi Motors dealer in the U.S. can reportedly expect the end of summer in 2014. , as a model in 2015. Please note that these are only unofficial information and that they are expecting new details about this model.

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