2015 Mercedes MLC

The prototype 2015 Mercedes MLC to rival the BMW X6, the picture was taken during testing on the Nurburgring. If the car looks familiar, it’s because the test prototype is still hiding under the body of the current Mercedes ML.

2015 Mercedes MLC

The future Mercedes’ coupe-crossover is still little information available. What is known is that the MLC will be placed on a modified Mercedes M-class platform. In the photos you can see that the tested vehicle has been lowered suspension, and the additional extensions to the wheel arches can be concluded that the car is wider than the standard Mercedes ML.

2015 Mercedes MLC

2015 Mercedes MLC engine

As for the powertrain, engineers German manufacturer of engines available for use in the current M-class, like the V6 and V8 petrol engines and six-cylinder diesels. For the AMG model is available in 5.5-liter Bi-turbo V8. Production 2015 Mercedes MLC could be entrusted to the company’s factory, which is located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, in which the German manufacturer is investing 350 million dollars (264 million euros) and the opening of 400 new jobs. Otherwise, this unit is currently developing models ML and GL, and since in 2014. join them and the new C class. Mercedes 2012th decided to stop the production of R-class which is also produced in the same factory.

2015 Mercedes MLC

2015 Mercedes MLC release date

It is expected that Mercedes in 2014. first introduce the concept of future model 2015 MLC to serial version appeared in showrooms 2015th year.

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